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Art Collective Statement

Post Passion Fruits (hereafter PPF) is an art collective based in our hometowns and metaverse, created to practice thinking, expression, and movement about community. PPF started in 2020 and has gradually expanded its scope of activities, moving back and forth between closedness and openness as a group while adjusting care and security until now.

The community in PPF refers to the dynamic movement that emerges from the interactive energy that moves back and forth between the individual (the subject) and the group (the body). The energy can take various forms, such as biorhythm, ideology, economic sphere, etc., but the community continues to move fluidly, repeating such temporary fixations and continuations. We cluster for the sake of living in diverse solitudes, not for the sake of living in universal solidarity.

With this premise in mind, PPF is based on our hometowns and metaverse because these places are deeply related to the original landscape that constitutes our ego. The hometown refers to where we were born and raised, and the metaverse refers to the virtual space created by 3DCG technology. The former is a real place and a landscape in our memories. On the other hand, the latter is a place reconstructed based on human memories and ideas with the universe as input and is a landscape that reflects the space in our private brains. Suppose we view both the hometown and the metaverse as places that expose the original landscapes of our fragmented memories and ideas. In that case, by exploring, interacting, and reconstructing these places as a starting point, we can build a territory that will serve as the foundation for a community.

A model of immersion and disappearance can explain the ecosystem of PPF. Immersion refers to the commitment (acquisition of reality) of an individual or group in a particular time and space, while disappearance refers to detachment (loss of reality). Ecosystems in communities exist through the repeated immersion and disappearance of individuals and groups in a particular time and space. The problem here is that if the degree of immersion in the community rises to the extreme, it becomes a cult, and if the degree of disappearance rises to the extreme, it cannot establish a group.

To solve this problem, two roles, Ecosystem Administrator (EA) and Spacetime Administrator (SA), have been created to manage PPF. In the operation of PPF, we define these SF-like roles as EA is primarily responsible for the ecosystem in the community and SA is primarily responsible for independent time and space. These roles do not reject power but assume it while dispersing it, generating a time capsule of time and space independent of the game of mutual evaluation in the timeline and space of here and now. To this end, PPF’s activities aim to include existing infrastructures for its activities, sometimes experimenting with their uses and, if necessary, re-creating them in a DIY way.

We do not see such a statement ≈ poem as merely a powerless word, nor conversely as a fixed power device. To view it as a temporarily fixed present location and to envision an independent community as a social experiment beyond the movement. PPF is a new art movement in such an ecosystem, time, and space.



Post Passion Fruits meets Private

For one year in 2023 (8 months to be exact, excluding January-February and July-August), Post Passion Fruits (hereafter PPF) will be entrusted with managing a space called Private: The House for Rent (hereafter Private). Please see below for an explanation from Itsuki, the manager of Private, regarding the background.

Notice regarding the management of Private in 2023

PPF will officially start managing Private in March 2023. PPF will be free to operate the Private, with PPF paying the rent for Private. In addition to daily use as a co-working space or open atelier/studio, events, workshops, lectures, and exhibitions will be held.

Since 2019, Private has been a space operated with a fine sense of balance, combining the multifaceted qualities of a house (avatar), alternative space, collective, and the work of the artist/manager Itsuki, while maintaining a certain distance from all of these qualities.

On the other hand, according to Itsuki, as Private has become more well-known in recent years, we hear that their use as a lawless, inexpensive rental house has increased. The most symbolic event was the incident of mindless graffiti on the house.

While Itsuki wanted to accept all kinds of expression, they were perplexed by the intrusion of people who thought that easy deviation from the house environment was art. This incident led them to reconsider the creation of the space.

In managing PPF, we will take on the issues related to Private’s history and recent usage, as well as the theme of the great leap between private and public, which is also the origin of the name of Private. On top of this, we would like to use Private as one of the places to practice activities consisting of an ecosystem independent of existing time and space, coordinating the closedness and openness (care and security) in PPF’s way.

This thought is different from the idea that PPF will occupy Private. Still, we would like to consider ways to make participation and use of Private available to those who have associated with Private in the past and those who are interested in it in the future.

If you are interested in PPF’s activities or the management of Private in 2023, please register on the PPF discord server by clicking the JOIN NOW button at the bottom of this website. Let’s have fun together for as long as possible.